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Post-Modern Spirituality Grounded in Tradtion

My spiritual connection is aligned with the Christ but I trust that each one is drawn to Godde through the lens of experience that is best for them.

Do societal, familial, institutional or dogmatic voices from your past or present create dissonance?  Do you need a place to speak of your spiritual experience but are afraid that you will be labeled or misunderstood?   My joy, as a spiritual companion (some call us soul friends), is to offer deep listening and an open environment where each one's voice is heard and experience honored.  Together, we seek the True Voice of our Creator, the voice of Love.  As we awaken to Godde's and our True nature, we find clarity for the spiritual journey. 

"The Kingdom of God is within you."  Luke 10:9

John Wesley's Four Ways of Discerning

In Wesleyan tradition, we find tools for sifting through the many voices we hear to discern (uncover) the still, small, Voice of God:

  • Scripture. The Bible was written by people over thousands of years, expressing their experiences of God and humanity. As a spiritual director, I can help you reclaim Scripture in ways that are meaningful for today.
  • Tradition. Traditions link us with those who have come before, and those who will come after, in ways that have universal meaning. As we go deeper, we decide which traditions are meaningful to our spirit and which we can choose to let go.


  • Reason. We are invited to gain knowledge through study, sharing our questions with one another to grow in our understanding of the Divine and living as beings of Godde's light and love.
  • Experience. We each are created in unique ways and we experience Godde uniquely. When two or more sit and explore, we create a tapestry, integrating different lenses of understanding into a beautiful picture.

Ignatian Exercises

Founded by Ignatius of Loyola, Ignatian spirituality focuses on stillness and contempletive prayer.  The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises are an intensive Retreat in Everyday Life.  The one who undertakes the Retreat commits to spending a minimum of 30-45 minutes daily in guided prayer and reading of Scripture.  Spiritual direction takes place weekly.  Through these spiritual exercises, retreatants grow in relationship with God and find help in clarifying God's loving desire for them.  The Retreat frequently takes 6-9 months to complete.  Contact Beth for more information on spiritual direction or the Retreat in Everyday Life.  Alternatives to the traditional Ignatian Exercises are also available.