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Love Jesus but Not Traditional Church?

The Soul-Full Path Community is being birthed, even as you read this post!  Why "another church?"  Because God gave Pastor Beth a vision of a different kind of "church" over a decade ago.  A place where people come together in a new way to worship, grow spiritually and be living witnesses to the power and love of Christ in the world.

This page will give you some basic information about this vision, where the process is today, and how you might be a part of this exciting venture.

Progressive Christian Alliance (PCA)

The Soul-Full Path Community is a local outreach of The Progressive Christian Alliance.  For an overview of what we believe:

Basic beliefs:

  • Jesus was inclusive and so are we.  EVERYONE is welcome at the table.  No exceptions.
  • The message of Jesus was to love Godde (gender inclusive) and love neighbor.
  • An infinte Godde meets humankind in infinite ways.  And we respond in infinte ways to that love and grace.  As a result, we respect all paths that lead to deeper relationship with Godde and love of neighbor.
  • Godde has given us brains to reason.  We do not park our brains at the door.
  • Godde also expects us to learn to live in the questions.  There are some aspects of life and faith that defy simple answers.
  • The church is you and me, not a building.  How we live is the true testimony to who we are and Whose we are.

Who's In?

Does this description resonate with what your heart has been yearning for?  Would you like to help get this off of the ground?

Pastor Beth needs YOU!

  • To help get the word out to others who feel dis-enfranchised or for whom traditional church is no longer a fit.
  • To pray that those who are seeking this type of community will be led to us.
  • To help with the "nuts and bolts" of a start-up.
  • To share your vision / needs.
  • To ask questions so that I can gain clarity and direction.
  • To lend your voice to how often we gather and when is most convenient.
Perhaps you have a gift I don't even know I need.  Contact me at

What's So Important About Community?

In one word: RELATIONSHIP.  While Godde's Spirit resides in each of us, guiding us and comforting us, human beings were created for relationship.  By coming together regularly we:

  • Expand our understanding of Godde and the world. Each of us has a limited lens shaped by life experience, culture and religious teachings.  When we listen respectfully to one another's understanding of what it means to live as a faithful follower of the Christ, we open ourselves to new ways of seeing and being.
  • When people come together to pray and share, there is a synergy / power that takes place.  An energy that is exponential rather than linear.  Jesus told the disciples that where two or three are gathered, he is there.
  • We are created to be story tellers. Through story we find meaning.  Stories about God.  Stories of personal faith journeys.  Stories of brokenness and pain.  Whether as the story teller or a listener, through story, we connect more deeply with one another and with the Divine.
  • We encourage one another.  Each of us has a passion / purpose.  When we come together in community we tap into collective wisdom.  By sharing a vision, we speak into being.  And we accept accountability.  Often, we find others ready to journey with us as we manifest our vision, using their unique gifts and graces to enhance and empower us along the way.
  • Through our relationships, we become more fully human.  We rediscover who Godde created us to be: expressions of the Divine here on Earth.  More like Jesus, the perfect expression of Godde in human flesh.

The Laughing Christ by Fred Berger

So Why a House Church?

Because small gatherings increase intimacy and support.  They lend themselves to open discussion.  They are the model of the early church.

Additionally, when we take the maintenance and cost of a seperate structure from the equation, resources (time, money and talents) can be better used in ministry.