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My mission is to journey with others as we reclaim our freedom in God.

Welcome!  I offer an open, non-judgmental place where women, church leaders, and those with chronic or life threatening illness are empowered to explore and give voice to their unique sacred stories.  When we stop to explore how the Divine is at work in our life and in the lives of others...when we dig deep about life's hardest questions, we begin to notice more and more about Spirit's presence without and within oneself.




Autumn's Dance 
Beth Beyer Abbott, 2009

No controlled flight this,
swirling, twirling
out of control.

Dizzying descent.

Discordant chimes.
Trees violently sway.
Doors slam
open / shut / open / shut.

Power flickers
"please reset the time."

Hang on or take flight?
The choice is yours,
is yours.
is yours.

Old deadwood
shaken loose
falls away.
To decay.

Feeding new growth.

Fiery foliage
obscures the view
Only to lift again
on its way to
who knows where...

I wonder,
Do you enjoy
the wild ride?
Or do you scream
in terror,
only to laugh
as fear fades?

One by one.
fill the air

let go, let go, let go

For in the letting go
you will discover

"A thin space is where two worlds meet, where heaven kisses earth and eternal time brushes against ordinary time.

In a thin place, more than outward geography is experienced.  In a thin place, the soul's GPS intuits hotspots for transformation.  In a thin place, we remember that we are hard-wired with a God-Positioning-System, which is restless until connecting with sacred sites, stories, sounds, and symbols.  For sure thin places can be experienced anywhere at any time.  our spiritual traditions invite us to pay special attention in ancient, hallowed places...  By focusing awareness now, we practice being spiritually awake always.  By meeting regularly with a spiritual director, we learn how to navigate using our soul's GPS."  Liz Budd Ellman, MDiv, Executive Director Spiritual Director's International

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